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What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a website hosting company which was founded in 2004. With almost 30 million customers across nearly 200 countries. Hostinger has around 15,000 signups every day. (Yes, that is a real statistic)

They’ve become a real contender in the web hosting market, allowing their customer complete freedom when it comes to creating a website that they love and customers will enjoy.

I’m usually a bit cautious of “cheap” hosting providers, purely because you often get what you pay for. However, in this case, Hostinger is a high-quality cheap web host.


Existing Clients


New Signups


Live Websites
Pros Cons
Hostinger is really fast No daily backup
99.9% uptime guarantee No free SSL (Let’s Encrypt SSL has to be manually setup on addon domains)
Faster loading with cache manager No phone support
Excellent custom dashboard  
Responsive Customer support (friendly and fun!)  
Free domain  
Unlimited Features  
Great Introductory Pricing  

So, do I recommend Hostinger? Yes, I do recommend them. They are offering solid and reliable website hosting services for both beginners and seasoned webmasters. They also offer this hosting at great prices without compromising on the must-have features like many others. the performance, speed and security is amazing considering that they are one of the cheapest web hosting providers out there.


Hostinger Pros

There is a lot of good things going for them and I will explain in more depth the things that I like about the hosting.

Fast Servers & Speed

It’s imperative that your website loads quickly. Any web page that takes more than a few seconds to load will lead customers to frustration and ultimately, customers leaving your site to find something quicker.

If your web page takes more than 5 seconds to load, then you can pretty much forget about have loyal visitors to your website.

Hostinger have servers in the USA, Asia and Europe (UK). Their servers have a 1GBPS connections, and having a fast connection like that will affect your speed.

A basic WordPress website, installed onto their hosting, took less than one second to load. Activating their automatic cache option, you’re able to shave off another 0.2 seconds on page loading time.

Disclaimer: This test was carried out by themselves

Compared to other hosting, Hostinger’s server speed is amazing. It’s pretty safe to say that one of their major focuses is the speed and that is most defintely what sets them apart from other hosting companies.

Hostinger is really easy to use

If you’ve used any other hosting company, you’ll usually find that they have a really hard to use custom control panel or like many small hosting companies, they’re using cPanel. Hostinger has one of the most easy to use control panels I’ve every seen.

hpanel control panel

It has clean, large buttons that help anyone find anything without trouble. They aren’t trying to hide features or settings to keep your space looking cleaner. Instead, they put it all out there on display, so anything you need is right at your fingertips.

easy to use control panel

Great Security and Privacy

Most people think that when making a website an SSL certificate is the only thing needed to keep it secure. That isn’t the case though, you need lots more security measures than that to protect your site, and that is something that Hostinger understands and offer their users.

bitninja smart security

Bitninja comes included on all plans. It’s an all-in-one real-time protection suite that prevents many automated attacks on your website.

Every plan also comes with SpamAssassin which a email spam filer that automatically scans for and removes email spam.

All plans sold come included with:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Cloudflare Protection
  • Daily to Weekly Data Backups
  • BitNinja Smart Security Protection
  • SpamAssassin Protection

I’ve never seen a company take security so seriously, considering that they’re already offering cheap web hosting plans, they’re still offering industry-leading security measures.

Free Domain Name & Free Website Builder

Hostinger is moving in with the big names in the website building market because this web hosting service helps you build your own website from the ground up.

What Hostinger offers is the opportuniy to create a unique website. They stay away from cookie-cutter themes that make every website look the same.

Regardless of which plan you go with, you can find the template that suits your look best and customize away.

website builder

Every part of the page is completely customizable, there is no reason that you can’t design the website of your dreams. Their templates are beautiful, and custom website design is easy to navigate.

When you’re ready to put your site on the internet for everyone to see, you’ll pick a free domain name if you’re using either the Premium or Cloud package.

Domain names can be a bit tricky because they seem so cheap at first. But, domain names can become quite expensive.

If you can save a bit of money on a domain name now, it’s worth the cost of using a web hosting service.

Best of all, building a website with Hostinger requires zero percent coding or technical knowledge.

Superb Knowledge Base

hostinger knowledge base

That’s right, Hostinger wants to share their knowledt with you, so they provide a complete knowledge base including:

  • General information
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Video walkthroughs

These helpful tools are useful for anyone that’s new to working with a hosting plaform. You can learn to solve your problem whilst you’re waiting for the customer server staff to get back to you. Not that it is a really slow response.

Unlike most WordPress hosting sites, you won’t have to toggle between your Hostinger web page and a YouTube video to find a feature. Their learning-based business platform also pushes users to learn by communicating with the support staff.

All the customer service staff approach their chat conversations with the mentality of a teacher. This goal of educations has made a big difference in customer collaberation. There are more reported errors, and users notice immediately when something on their website isn’t quite right.

Hostinger’s Cheap Prices

Althrough Hostinger pulls the same tatics that every other website host does, they do have great prices.

In fact, Hostinger is one of the cheapers web hosts on the market, and they include the registraion of 1 free domain name for free. Yes, you have to pay for others, but they’re still affordable.

cheap hosting pricing

Strong Uptime Record

Hostinger does what every web hosting platform should do: keep your site online!

Although any web host will occasionally have downtime, hopefully just for regularly schedule maintenance or updates, but you don’t want your site to be down more than a few hours.


Ideally, you’ll have some scheduled downtime without keeping your site offline for more than 3 to 5 hours over the course of the month. You’re looking for about 99.40% uptime.

Slowish customer service, but it’s not terrible!

The biggest downside here is that you must be logged in (i.e. you have to create an account) to be able to access live chat. It’s not the biggest thing in the world but it can be a negative factor for some.

Customer support is a double-edged sword. Their support teams are outstanding and very knowledgeable. But getting ahold of them can be a bit of a pain.

support issues

Hostinger’s ability to live chat is useful, and they use Intercom, where all chats are stored and, whether you’d like to go back and read the 5 months old conversations, it will all be available for you.

Then your customer service person might need to find another resource to ensure they’re giving you’re the correct information. When it comes down to wait times, you’ll probably be frustrated.

There’s also the issue of not being able to contact a customer service person until you’re logged into your account. This restriction means that you can’t ask questions before you go through the sign-up process. You can submit a general inquiry that will create a sort of ticket, but that will have a delayed response as well.


Yes, I think this is an excellent web host.

Both for complete beginners and seasoned “webmasters”.

There are so many great features at great prices regardless of which plan you decide to purchase.

The shared web hosting plan I recommend is their Premium package, as this offers the most significant value. You’re getting nearly all of the benefits of the cloud hosting package at a much lower cost. Do watch out for their sneaky pricing though!

When you’re looking to set up your web hosting account, determine if you need 5x the estimation on speed. If so, the cloud plan is right for you.

But the plan I really recommend, if you can afford it, is their cloud hosting. It’s their “hybrid” shared web hosting and VPS web hosting service. This one is da bomb!

Probably the most missed feature in Hostinger that nearly every other web hosting website has is phone support. Many people using Hostinger are new users that need help, but for most users live chat and emails/tickets should be enough.

But, Hostinger makes up for it with their in-depth and easy to follow video tutorials, and walkthroughs. Their excellent chat service is fantastic as well as their staff is very knowledgeable.

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